16 August 2015

Spectrum Collections Brushes Review

Hi everyone! I hate to admit but my make up brush collection is severely lacking, mostly because I struggle to part with money for brushes that seem to be so expensive when I'd rather be buying make up with it. By lacking I mean really lacking, so I've been wanting to build it up for a while. Like I said though it seems like one of those necessities that you can't be bothered to buy because you'd rather spend your money elsewhere. I am now constantly on the hunt for more affordable brushes and recently all over Instagram I have been seeing the prettiest brushes! Looking into it more I found out about Spectrum Collections and since I'd been hearing such rave reviews and judging by their appearance I actually expected them to be fairly pricey. I actually couldn't have been more wrong though, they are so affordable and their was a sale on the website, I was a bit unlucky that most had sold out but I got three that I really wanted. 

From left to right I bought the domed setting brush on sale for £4.99, the small fan brush on sale for £2.99 and the Atlantis flat top buffer which was £8.99. The Atlantis flat top buffer was actually from a different collection, it was part of a set called the Glam Clam collection which I really wanted but unfortunately it was sold out, however some brushes from this set are being sold on their own and I really wanted the buffer in this colour so I was able to get this one! 

They actually are so pretty and would look gorgeous on anyone's dressing table, I love how they aren't boring like a lot of brushes are. Another bonus is that they are 100% vegan, they're synthetic brushes so they are so soft (I mean really soft).

When I ordered them I had to pay a flat rate of £3.49 for UK shipping and it came within 4 days. They arrived in a really cute pink pouch with a personalised note on a little insert that comes with them. 

The great thing is that not only are they attractive and affordable but they are really good quality and really easy to use. My favourite out of the three that I ordered is definitely the small fan brush, I love this for highlighting. I use the domed setting brush for applying my bronzer and the flat top buffing brush to apply my foundation. 

I'm so impressed with the brushes I bought that I am definitely going to get more when they restock, I'm after the collections because they are such good value so I'm going to wait till they bring some out and go a bit crazy! I'd definitely recommend them for people like me who find it hard to justify buying expensive make up brushes but still want to get a bigger collection. Let me know in the comments if you've tried this brand and what you think!

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