15 August 2015

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Review

Hi everyone! I'm actually so excited I can finally write a post on this product as I have finally been able to get easy access to this brand in the UK! Basically nowhere in the UK stocked MUFE which meant having to ship it over from other countries which was just a massive chew but Debenhams have stocked it in some stores and online finally! I'd been wanting to try a new foundation for a while and I always thought this one sounded good and people were always raving about it saying it was their 'holy grail foundation'.

It claims to be an invisible cover foundation that 'combines flawless coverage and an extremely natural finish'. It is well known for being good for photography as well because it doesn't contain any SPF so you don't get a white face in pictures when flash is on.

Great news is you get a pump as well! I love the packaging, only thing is that it is a bit bulky, the bottle is quite tall so it takes up a little more room but it's not massive, you get the standard 30ml of product. When it came to picking my shade I was stuck as I absolutely hate ordering a foundation you've never tried before online so you are taking a stab in the dark at choosing your shade. Thankfully I put in two of my shades in two foundations onto Findation and it matched me up to N120 which is also called soft sand, this is described as a shade for medium-light skin with a yellow undertone and it matched, so I can breathe a sigh of relief. It's described as medium to full coverage however I would definitely say when first applied it is medium coverage but it is also buildable, I had to add some more product to areas that needed more coverage and it covered these areas great after. 

The thing I love about it is that despite being medium coverage it doesn't feel like you are wearing make up, definitely agree with it being an 'invisible cover' foundation. My main concern was that typically fuller coverage foundations tend to be more matte and dry my skin out more, however it didn't dry me out at all, I would say it is semi-matte, not totally matte but not dewy either, just a nice middle ground. It isn't the most moisturising foundation I've ever used but it definitely isn't drying. 

The consistency is definitely liquid but it isn't very runny, I found that it is a much thicker consistency than some of my other foundations however it is so blendable and I found it so easy to apply. As I am writing this I have been wearing this foundation for over 6 hours and it still looks good, not as good as when first applied but it barely needs touching up, just a little around my mouth where my laughter lines are so it definitely has good staying power. 

I took a picture of me wearing it this morning to test how it looks in photos and whether it lived up to it's invisible cover reputation.

I do think it is invisible cover foundation as I feel like it doesn't look like I am wearing a lot of make up in that photo but I'll let you be the judge!

I definitely would recommend this foundation especially since it is so much easier to get hold of in the UK now that Debenhams stocks it, at £29 it is pricey however it is such good quality and great if you want a higher coverage foundation that still looks natural. On the Debenhams website there is 23 shades to choose from which is great for people who have a harder time finding a shade that matches them like me. Let me know in the comments if you have this foundation and what you think of it!


  1. might give this a try! been looking for a new foundation! love your blog btw!


    1. I'd definitely recommend it, it is all I've been wearing recently! Thank you I'm glad you like it :)!x


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