19 February 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette

Hi everyone! This is one of those posts that I've been absolutely dying to write about as it's a product I've wanted for ages and I finally got it for my birthday this week. I love Too Faced so much they are with out a doubt my favourite makeup brand, and I got the Sweet Peach Palette last Summer so when they released a whole collection recently I knew I needed to get my hands on some more products. I loved the look of the Sweet Peach Glow palette, it was right up my street, I did have some reservations though purely because I was seeing so many mixed reviews on it, some people were saying they really liked it and others were just slating it. However I was still really excited to get it and try it for myself!

The website states that this will 'transform the face with tones of peach to illuminate and highlight while adding a pop of a golden peach glow all over for skin perfecting radiance'. You get a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer in this palette with the blush having the most product. The highlighter is a golden peach with warm undertones, the blush is a medium orange-coral with a golden shimmer-sheen finish and the bronzer is a soft medium brown with golden yellow undertones. As usual with Too Faced the packaging of this is so cute, it comes in a really nice sized peachy tin with a good sized mirror and it has the really cute peach illustration on the inside. It also has the same scent as the palette which I'm obsessed with!

Aside from the packaging I absolutely loved the look of the shades in this palette, I love anything with a healthy glowy finish so this seemed ideal to me. This is actually the first time I will have used a Too Faced highlighter and bronzer, I have experience with their blushes and always really liked them but I didn't really know what to expect from the other shades.

This was one of those palettes you didn't want to swatch at all because it looks so nice in the pan you don't want to ruin it! I can honestly say despite all the mixed reviews I personally love this palette, I think the shades are so pretty, I've seen a lot of comments on the pigmentation of this palette but I thought it was fine, yes it wasn't the most full on intense pigmentation however I think that contributes to the glow finish of the products. All three shades leave a healthy glowy look, which is the exact type of look I usually go for. The highlighter is like nothing else I own and it's so pretty, and I absolutely love the blush and bronzer as well. I'm not really a bronzer person however this one isn't too heavy, it looks so natural on and I like that it has some shimmer in it. It does seem quite orange when swatched which was a bit intimidating but it doesn't come across as orange on the skin thankfully.

I bought this for £34 from Debenhams, I don't think it is in stock online at the minute however I have been seeing it recently in stock at some Too Faced counters in store so it's worth having a look if you want to get your hands on it. It isn't the cheapest product however you do get a good size amount of product, plus I love the quality so to me it's definitely worth the money. I think this is more suitable for lighter skin tones, I can't wait to take this on holiday with me though when I have a bit more of a tan and I want that really nice glowy finish to my makeup! This will definitely be my go to palette as Spring and Summer approaches, I cannot wait to use it. Let me know in the comments if you have used this and what you think!

7 February 2017

GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment

Hi everyone! Apologies for the lack of posts recently, January was not a great month plus I was trying to save money after Christmas so I just haven't really been buying much recently. However I feel much better about February already! It's my birthday a week today and I've got one more shift on Thursday before I'm off work for just over a week, plus I've got lots of posts coming up I'm excited about. Expect a lot of peach themed posts this month because that's basically the only shades I've been into recently so this was definitely represented in the presents I've asked for for my birthday! Anyway I've been dying to try GLAMGLOW products for the longest time, I feel like I've only seen rave reviews about them, but the price has always been the thing that's putting me off. However on the way back from Florida in November I'd actually spent a lot less money than I thought I would on holiday so in the airport I decided to buy the ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment from duty free which is the mask I've always had my eye on.

GLAMGLOW is known for it's luxurious products that are supposed to be absolutely amazing for your skin, my skin is so problematic so I feel like investing in skincare is really important for me. I have dry skin with a lot of texture, and I also have a fair bit of red pigmentation on my cheeks. While it was winter though I thought I'd try and tackle the dry skin issue first so that's why I decided on trying out this mask. It claims to hydrate, restore, replenish and calm the skin, along with using the most advanced and extreme hydration active technologies, providing deep instant hydration for long, medium & short term results. 

The packaging is very elaborate, it comes in quite a big box considering the size of the product itself, with lots of information inside on all the ingredients in the product and instructions on how to use it. I really like the jar itself, it's really eye catching and it feels heavy like a more luxury product should. I love when face masks come in these jars as well I find them so much easier and far less messy to use!

The texture of the mask is really thick and creamy, but in a nice way. I don't find it too heavy at all I feel like it's just nice and refreshing. When I first opened it, I was really surprised with the colour, I think it looks like caramel which I wasn't expecting at all, because it's a hydrating mask I just expected it to be clear for some reason. It has the nicest scent, I've got it next to me here while I write this post and I've just been smelling it, all it does is make me want to apply because it smells so good. I think it smells slightly coconutty but not too full on. It's a really sweet scent and I know that some people don't like scented products, so it's worth seeing it in person before you buy it in case you aren't keen.

The instructions that come in the packaging state that you use it in a traditional way, as a 10-20 minute face mask, you then wipe off the excess or massage it into the skin. However it also states you can use it over night as a sleeping mask. I've only tried it as a standard face mask but I definitely want to try it as a sleeping mask to see if the results are any different, so if anyone has tried it that way then please let me know how that worked for you! I loved the feeling when I first applied it, it felt so hydrating, refreshing and cooling however not going to lie when I removed it I felt a bit like 'is that it?'. Don't get me wrong it definitely was a hydrating product, however considering the price, and all the promises it makes I was expecting my skin to be the most hydrated it ever felt, and it just wasn't. I think it just didn't live up to all the expectations I had. I don't know if this is because my skin is very difficult to work with, and has more issues than just being dry, maybe for anyone with just normal to dry skin it might work much better I don't know. Bearing in mind this is an expensive product, you can buy this for £39.00 from Boots for 50g of product, I am glad I bought it to try, and use when I need a quick refresh, I just wish it had done more and I wouldn't just impulsively buy this again just based off the price. I am keen to try it as a sleeping mask though and see if it works better for me, so if that worked for you then let me know in the comments!
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