25 August 2015

August Favourites

Hi everyone! I can't believe it's nearly the end of August and I'm doing my August favourites already! Time is going too fast it's so scary. Anyway there are a few products I've been loving this month and I thought I'd share them with you.

From left to right:

- Stila One Step Correct Primer. I stopped using this a few months back and only just recently got into it again after I got a new foundation and it worked well with it. I've got a bit of red pigmentation on my cheeks and I find this works well to dull it down a bit and help foundation cover it better. It is also nice and hydrating for dry skin.

- Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. I'll be honest I've had this a few months now and when I first bought it I wasn't overwhelmed by it, I thought it was just a fancy water and was a bit disappointed. However I think this was because I need a heavier more hydrating primer, so recently when I've been finishing work and heading out somewhere quickly with not much time to reapply makeup I spray this on and it completely refreshes my makeup and makes it look almost new again. Really good for solving cake face after a long day at work!

- Benefit Creaseless Cream eyeshadow in r.s.v.p. I've been loving this this month for when I'm going out but nowhere exciting and I can't be bothered to do a full eyeshadow look. This is perfect to just put on your lid and blend out to give your face a bit more something but a nice lazy alternative to anything too full on! Also love this colour, it's such a pretty neutral that would look great on lots of skin tones.

- MAC Amplified Creme lipstick in Blankety. Absolutely love this and I've been reaching for it a lot more recently! Definitely my favourite nude I own, when I came back from holiday and was a bit more tanned my other nudes were a bit too pink for me but this has been amazing when I'm tanned and pale! Probably my favourite MAC lipstick I own and the creamy formula is so nice.

- Mary Lou Manizer by theBalm. I recently blogged about this and if you read that then you will know that I am obsessed with this. My new holy grail highlighter and I can't imagine this changing unless I find something really amazing. 

- St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. This is a must for anyone who is looking for an exfoliator, the dry skin around and on my nose has been so bad this month for some reason and after using this it clears it up so well. I don't find it harsh on my skin either, I have this in the travel size as I bought it for holiday but it's lasting absolutely ages so I would definitely recommend!

- Make Up Forever HD Foundation in soft sand n120. Again I posted on this recently, I haven't had it very long but I've been reaching for it everyday. I won't say too much about this as I've gone into detail on my previous post but it really is worth the hype that it gets!

Let me know in the comments what you've been loving this month!

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