18 August 2015

Birthday/Christmas Gift Idea For Your Boyfriend

Hi everyone! I thought I'd do something a little different today as I feel like what I have to say might benefit those like myself who get so stuck on what to get their boyfriend at Christmas or their Birthday because he's the type of person to say he 'doesn't want anything' when you ask what presents he wants! I go through the same struggle every year of not being given any ideas so you have to get creative! 

So last Christmas I was on the hunt for presents for my boyfriend again, I'd already got him a few bits, he usually likes getting clothes and trainers, I was in the Metro Centre at the time and right in the middle of the floor was a Lamborghini. Everyone was stood round taking pictures with it and it had a sign next to it with a salesman saying it was from a company called Driving Sensation and basically you can book a gift voucher which needs to be used up by October (it might be different for other companies, this was just what happened with the one I booked with) and you can pick different driving experiences. There is a massive range in price I think the cheapest is £99 and it goes all the way up to £369 (not 100% but it is around that price) and these increase in price by the amount of super cars you want them to do 2/3 laps in. I chose what was called a double supercar taster where you get 2/3 laps in two of your chosen supercars. From the company I booked with you could choose an Ariel Atom, an Aston Martin, an Audi R8, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Lotus Elise, a Nissan GTR, a Porche 911 and a Subaru Impreza. So I bought him that and they sent me a gift voucher through the post and I gave it to him on Christmas day and he was really excited about it!

Last week we called up and booked the experience for today and he chose to drive the Lamborghini and the Ferrari, you can choose from York, Teesside and Lincolnshire as to which track you want to use, we picked Teesside as it's the closest one to us. We went today and despite the rain it was still on, there was lots of other people there but it was really well organised and my boyfriend absolutely loved it! We bought some pictures on a CD that the photographer took so I'll put a couple in.

He has his concentration face on in the pictures but when he left the cars he couldn't stop smiling and wanted to do it again. If you've got a boyfriend who is into cars or just likes driving I would definitely recommend one of these experiences as a present! I think it's so much nicer than buying a present from a shop you just unwrap and that's it as they actually get to do something really exciting. I hope this helps anyone who might be stuck on presents to get their boyfriend, I need to start thinking ahead for this Christmas already!

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