30 May 2016

May Favourites

Hi everyone! I say this every favourites but I can't believe we are at the end of May! I didn't actually get to post a favourites last month because I was so busy with uni but now that I'm done and am officially no longer a student I can finally post everything that I want! I'm actually enjoying a week off work at the minute which is so needed, my Mum is on holiday so I've gone to stay at hers to look after the house and the pets which I'm loving because it's such a chilled out place to stay plus the cat and the rabbit are so cute so I'm just having the best time! My favourites definitely are changing as we get closer to summer, but this is my favourite time of the year when I get to use my favourite type of products, I'm just so ready for the rest of summer now I'm actually so excited.

- Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water (£20). I've actually had this for quite a while now but I kind of pushed it aside for ages because I'd used it once and wasn't too impressed, however after deciding to give it a try again I'm so happy because I've been using this everyday recently! It is a lot of money for a primer and you could argue it doesn't really do anything, but I feel like it works so well. I've got dry skin and I was worried this wouldn't be hydrating enough, but I feel like it's the complete opposite, it's so hydrating without being too heavy like some moisturising primers so it stops you getting cake face, which happens to me quite a lot because I've had to stop my skin from being so dry with a heavier primer. It doesn't really affect the staying power of make up but it gives your makeup such a nice natural finish, and it's really hydrating and refreshing.

- Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19). As you can see by the packaging of mine it has definitely been well loved but that is with good reason! I've had so many spots because it's been such a stressful month and the coverage of this is amazing, plus it isn't too drying. I don't use this for under eyes though just blemishes but it works so well at covering them, plus you really can't complain about the price. 

- Benefit Dew The Hoola (£22.50). I don't actually have the new packaging of this product, I got mine from a Hoola kit from Benefit last year when they hadn't officially released it as an individual product, but it has officially released now and I'm so jealous I don't have the new one because the packaging is so nice! It's basically a liquid version of Hoola, it's so intimidating when you first swatch it as you will see in the picture below because it comes across so orange, but honestly when it is blended it is just the same shade as Hoola, maybe a touch darker but it's just a dewy glowy version. That's by far my favourite finish for this time of year so I've been reaching for this a lot more than the powder version, another expensive one but if you like Hoola and want a dewy finish you definitely need to get this!

- NYX Butter Gloss Creme Brulee (£5). I'm not a lip gloss person at all however these are amazing, I did a post on them not too long ago about how good they were, but out of the ones I have this is definitely my favourite shade. It's such a nice natural shade that I feel will look good on everyone and it isn't too sticky or too glossy, I feel like it's just right! It seems like so many Boots now are getting NYX counters, quite a few have opened near me which is the best thing ever because NYX is definitely my favourite drug store brand so the fact it's so accessible now is so good, they're products are amazing and really affordable so if you get the chance you should try some.

- Bourjois City Radiance Foundation (£9.99). I've been loving this so much for quite a while now, it's definitely my favourite Bourjois foundation, the finish is so nice, so glowy without being too dewy plus I love the packaging for travelling. I don't really have much else to say on this one, just if you're after a dewy foundation then this one is really good and it's a really good price.

- Clinique Cheek Pop in Peach Pop (£17). This is another one I'd had a for a while that had been a bit forgotten about, I wore it constantly last summer and I've been reaching for it again more now, definitely a perfect summer blush and the formula is amazing. I've wanted more shades of these for a while but they are quite expensive so I'm going to wait till I'm at an airport like I did last year and buy a few more I think, I really want Ginger Pop and Melon Pop.

- NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Fair (£6.50). I'm always a bit iffy with concealers in little pots like these because they can be quite drying especially for your under eyes but this one is so amazing! It's got a hint of orange to counteract dark circles and coconut oil to hydrate, I have had such bad dark circles recently and this is probably one of the best concealers I've used to counteract them. The coverage is really good and the orange hints get rid of the purple tones, I actually use this underneath foundation to directly counter the dark circles then apply foundation which is different to what I'd usually do but I've been really liking using it this way. 

- NYX High Definition Finishing Powder in Banana (£8). Another NYX product, the new counters have definitely been raided by me but I just love their products so much! I'd heard quite a lot about this powder actually in the Banana shade for under eyes, and using this with the dark circle concealer has made such a difference for me! It's really brightening plus it helps to stop creasing and it doesn't feel heavy or cakey at all, it's such a good powder if you have dark circles and you get lots of product so it will last for ages.

Left to right: Dew The Hoola, NYX Dark Circle Concealer, NYX Banana powder, Clinique Peach Pop, NYX Butter Gloss Creme Brulee

I've got a couple of of non-beauty favourites this month, the first definitely being Ariana Grande's new album Dangerous Woman. I actually love her so much, I'd been waiting for her album to be released for so long and it was released on the 20th of this month but I've already listening to it so many times. My favourites on it are Greedy, Moonlight, Into You and Be Alright, Matty has actually just got his new car this month which is the most exciting thing ever because he's had his first car for 3 years and to be honest it was a little old banger even though it had so much sentimental value and we were really sad to see it go, his new car is so nice, so we've been driving everywhere in it listening to this album! I've also been loving Peaky Blinders, it's on BBC2 on a Thursday night at the minute and they are currently showing season 3 but the first two seasons are on Netflix, it's actually so good I look forward to it every week! Let me know in the comments what you've been loving this month!

27 May 2016

Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation

Hi everyone! So happy that I can finally say I finished my last exam on Tuesday and I am officially no longer a university student! It's absolutely crazy to think I've finished my degree after all the stress, but three years has gone so quickly and I am just so relieved that I've actually done it! Now I feel like I can finally concentrate on my blog more which makes me so happy, it's so awful feeling like you've neglected something you enjoy so much. Anyway I'm so glad I'm doing a foundation review, I haven't done one in what feels like ages, I've had really good experiences with Vichy products recently so when they kindly sent me their 3D Correction foundation* to try I was so excited!

I really loved their Dermablend Fluid foundation formula, but this one is so different. This foundation claims to instantly correct colour and skin texture and reduce the appearance of imperfections without leaving a mask like effect. This sounded so good for me because I have uneven skin pigmentation and texture on my lower cheeks and I have never found a foundation that has helped with the appearance of that where it made a major difference. Baring in mind I do have dry skin so when I come across a foundation that promises to mask skin imperfections but it has a matte finish I'm always a bit worried that it will just dry my skin out and look flaky and gross, but thankfully this wasn't the case! I have mine in the shade 15 Opal by the way which I believe is the lightest shade of this foundation, when you see it swatched below it looks so much darker than it actually is when blended out, trust me I am so pale at the minute and this matched me so well! The only thing is I feel like the undertones are quite pink whereas I am more neutral, this was the only small issue I had with the shade but it isn't even noticeable. 

The packaging and the applicator for this foundation is so interesting, I really love the squeeze tube because you can get all the product out, but the actual nozzle (I think that's what it's called...?) where the foundation comes out is nothing that I've ever seen before. I'm guessing it's because the foundation is very thick but I actually really like it because it's so clean, sometimes with squeeze tubes they can be a bit messy and product doesn't go everywhere but that isn't the case with this one. I feel like this is perfect travel size and you know it isn't going to explode everywhere which is honestly my worst nightmare, I had a conditioner explode once in my suitcase and it was the worst experience so I can't imagine how bad it is with a foundation.

You can see here how thick the foundation is, I was actually really intimidated when I first swatched it because it has an almost clay like texture and I was worried it wouldn't blend and would just dry my skin out, but honestly when you start blending it it's so soft and easy to work with which I didn't expect at all. With the matte finish I found that it didn't leave my skin looking dry, I just made sure to use any form of moisturising primer just in case and I had no issues at all. My favourite thing about this product though is definitely the coverage, I had to many spots with exam season and this foundation made such a difference, plus it covered up my uneven skin tone and texture really well, by far the best foundation I've tried for my skin problems. I've been absolutely loving wearing this for work or when I want my foundation to stay put because the staying powder is so good. I'm so relieved to say it didn't leave me looking like I was wearing a mask either which is usually what puts me off full coverage foundations.

The foundation also has SPF25 and is oil free, plus it's also suitable for sensitive skin which is good, I think this is honestly so good for anyone who has issues with the appearance of their skin like me, if you're dry it will still work really well for you and won't dry you out, just try it with a moisturising primer and it will be fine, but I also think if you've got oily skin then this will be a dream for you because it is matte and will absorb any excess oil. The best thing about it though is the coverage, anytime I'm having a bad skin day this is definitely what I will be reaching for! I know you can buy Vichy from Boots and this foundation costs £21.50 so it's definitely not the cheapest however I think if you have specific skin problems like me then spending a bit more money for a really good product can make such a difference, so I would definitely purchase this when I run out of this bottle. I actually do really like Vichy I feel like they don't get as much credit as they deserve because all the products I've tried I've absolutely loved. I've been eyeing up some products from their new Ideal Body Collection so next time I'm in Boots I think I'm going to try the Body Dry Oil and the Body Serum Milk because I've heard such good things about them. Let me know in the comments if you've tried any Vichy products and what you think!

*PR sample however all opinions are my own

20 May 2016

Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser

Hi everyone! I didn't actually plan on getting this post up today but I had a little bit of time left over after revision (last exam on Tuesday, actually getting giddy to finish it but I've also been hit by full on exam stress!) so I thought I'd just put it up today while I have a bit of time. It actually makes me so sad how little I've been posting recently but after Tuesday I'm finally free and I can start posting as much as I want again. I really really love Pixi, all the products I have tried of theirs I've really enjoyed using and they've made a difference to my skin. I have the Glow Tonic and loved that, I was after the Glow Mud Cleanser for a while but it was out of stock a lot on Cult Beauty, so when I saw it in Marks & Spencers I picked it up to try. 

I've never actually tried a cleanser that is a bit thicker in consistency like this one, but I feel like that is one of the reasons why I actually like it so much. It's described to be a 'brightening and cleansing mud' that 'works to melt the "glue" that binds dulling dead skin cells and debris to skin's surface, revealing the healthy new cells underneath'. Anything that claims to brighten skin I go for because I have such problematic dull tired skin that I will always gravitate more to products that claim to get rid of dead skin and brighten the face. 

The consistency definitely isn't like anything I've tried before, it's like a mud when you squeeze it out the tube but once applied to the face I feel like it's more of a gel, and it feels really hydrating, something which I didn't expect from a mud product. I like to use this when I get out the bath and after I've used my Clarisonic. It actually says on the website that you might experience a tingling sensation when you try it, and I can fully say that you definitely do feel this, it was really strange when I first tried it, it's not too full on or uncomfortable though just feels a bit tingly that't all. I quite like this though it makes me feel like it's actually working and doing something! You're supposed to apply it and massage it into the skin for 30 seconds then remove it, I absolutely love this right now, I feel like my skin feels so much more refreshed after using it. When it comes to actually adding radiance I haven't noticed a massive difference yet, my skin definitely feels a lot fresher but I feel like I haven't been using it long enough to see a big difference appearance wise but I do really feel like it's working.

At £18 it definitely isn't cheap, but I really do like it and feel like it is making a difference, I pair it with the Glow Tonic and I really hope that my skin does start to look a lot less dull soon, but it definitely does feel a lot fresher. I absolutely love Pixi, I really want to try more of their products but it's definitely not cheap which is what puts me off though. I've tried a few things though and if you are thinking about buying something from them and trying it out I'd definitely recommend this along with the Glow Tonic, they're a must! Let me know in the comments if you've tried any Pixi products and what you think!

16 May 2016

Revlon Volume & Length Magnified Mascara

Hi everyone! It's honestly so nice to be writing posts a bit more frequently again, I had a little photography spree this morning so there are lots more posts set up for this month, and a week tomorrow I will be done with exams and can have my life back again! I'm reviewing the new Revlon mascara today, I actually got this in my Glossybox, you were allowed to choose the type of wand you got a while back and I chose the Volume & Length wand. There is four other choices which are Ultimate All-In-One, Ultra Volume, Super Length and Dramatic Definition. I just figured I want volume and length so I will try that one out and see how it goes. I've actually been on the hunt for good drugstore mascaras as it actually pains me making an expensive repurchase just for a mascara, not going to lie though, I miss my Benefit They're Real so much however saving is more important right now! 

There is also different colours you can choose for these, I have mine in the shade blackest black, but you can also get waterproof black and a shade called blackened brown. When it comes to mascara I always want it as dark as you can have it really, I have pretty black eyelashes anyway so it would be pointless in getting a lighter shade. I actually really like the packaging on this, it's quite plain but I just think it looks very nice, and it's not too chunky so it won't take up loads of room in your makeup bag. 

The website claims that this mascara has a high fiber shine formula and a unique square brush that anchors the formula to lashes. I'm a bit funny with these types of brushes, typically I have always preferred by my mascaras when they have the plastic wand rather than the bristles so I didn't know what to make of this one. Also the picture doesn't do the wand justice I think this wand is is really big which you can't really tell. 

To be honest I haven't had the best experience with this mascara, it isn't clumpy or anything like that, I just found that it didn't really do much to my eyelashes. This was used with an eyelash curler as well because my lashes are so straight but it just didn't make them look that much different, if anything my eyelashes looked a little bit darker and more defined but that was it unfortunately. I think that the mascara itself is just too natural for me, some people might really like this but I prefer it a lot darker and a bit more full on, that's just my personal preference. Also the wand didn't really give me any volume, just a bit more length so sadly I am not too impressed by this product. I wish I had chosen the Ultimate All-In-One mascara when I picked my Glossybox because the wand for that one looks more like something I would use. At £9.99 as well these aren't the cheapest drugstore mascaras out there, I would try this if you like quite natural lashes but unfortunately it wasn't for me so I will be sticking to my all time favourite Lash Sensational! Let me know in the comments if you've tried this and what you think!

9 May 2016

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Hi everyone! I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post, I feel so guilty neglecting my blog so much, it's just been so hectic with all the assignments I've got. I will try and fit a post in here and there but until the 24th of May which is my last exam I might not be frequently posting on here. Actually can't wait till that day comes and I get my life back! I've got some quite exciting things coming up which I'm wanting to blog about so expect some more lifestyle posts when I've finished uni which I'm really excited for because they are by far my favourite to write. Anyway I'm so happy I can finally write a post on this product, I've wanted it for so long ever since I saw photos of it floating around on Instagram before it was officially announced and that is the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I am so obsessed with Too Faced palettes, the Chocolate Bar palette is my favourite that I own and when I saw this I actually needed it. It was such a nightmare to get hold of though, with it being limited edition there was so much hype over the release date for everyone who wanted it in case it sold out and Debenhams kept changing the online released, then some stores released it earlier than they were supposed to. When they finally said an official online release date it didn't come online at midnight that day and I was refreshing the page constantly until it finally went up around 1pm and I was able to get it. Such a faff on but it's definitely worth it!

The packaging is just standard Too Faced, so pretty and girly, I absolutely love it I think I prefer the appearance of this to the Chocolate Bar palettes. It is a scented palette and it's got a really nice sweet scent like peaches, I don't think it's as strong as the Chocolate Bar palettes but it's still really nice.

I'm actually so obsessed with how pretty it is, honestly my ideal shades they're so gorgeous! You get 18 shades, all the same size and they're a mixture of mattes, shimmers and glitters.

- White Peach (matte vanilla cream)
- Luscious (pearl peach champagne)
- Just Peachy (shimmering peachy pink)
- Bless Her Heart (golden moss)
- Tempting (bronzed black)
- Charmed, I'm Sure (matte medium cool brown)
- Nectar (pearly peachy cream)
- Cobbler (peachy pink bronze)
- Candied Peach (matte coral with shimmer)
- Bellini (gilded peach)
- Peach Pit (satin purple bronze)
- Delectable (matte smokey amethyst)
- Peaches 'n' Cream (matte milky peach)
- Georgia (matte peachy pink)
- Caramelized (dark gilded bronze)
- Puree (dark bronze)
- Summer Yum (matte gingerbread)
- Talk Derby To Me (shimmering black violet)

Top row: White Peach, Luscious, Just Peachy, Bless Her Heart, Tempting, Charmed I'm Sure

Middle row: Nectar, Cobbler, Candied Peach, Bellini, Peach Pit, Delectable

Bottom row: Peaches 'n' Cream, Georgia, Caramelized, Puree, Summer Yum, Talk Derby To Me

I actually am so obsessed with some of the shades in this palette, I definitely have my favourites and there is others I wouldn't use. I know a few people thought it was a bit daft that there isn't actually that many peach shades in the palette and I do agree, but I really love the majority of the shades anyway. The quality definitely didn't disappoint, they're so pigmented and creamy, some are definitely better than others though. My favourite by far is Bellini I think it's so gorgeous, I also love Caramelized, Nectar, Luscious and Cobbler, they are definitely my favourites. I probably won't end up using the darker shades, especially Talk Derby To Me and Tempting, but I think I would try out the purples as they aren't too full on. I'm so happy with how nice the matte shades are as well, normally I find mattes too dry and chalky but the ones in this palette are so good. 

The palette was definitely worth the chew on to get it, but there is one thing which really annoyed me and that is the fact that it's limited edition. I just can't get my head round the fact that it is the SS16 collection, like so many of their other palettes have been, yet this one can't be made permanent. To me it's just a different variation on the Chocolate Bar palettes and they are permanent so why isn't this one? It's not so much the fact that I won't be able to buy it again because it takes me so long to work through palettes, I just think the fact that there is so much demand for it and not everyone can get one. It mostly bugs me though because I was seeing palettes on Ebay and Depop for double the price, this retailed for £39 yet when they got released in stores before the online date they were on these sites for £70+ and people literally had gone and bought multiple palettes just to sell on for double the price. Really annoys me that people try and take advantage of those who weren't able to get one in stores, I think this is the main problem of limited edition items that are so popular, and I really hope people don't buy from these dodgy sellers who just want to make money off you and Too Faced decide to release it again! Anyway that's my rant over it just really bugs me! Let me know in the comments if you've tried this and what you think!
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