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Hi everyone! Thought I'd let you all know a little bit about myself, my name is Lauren Barden and I'm 21 years old from a really small town in the North East called Darlington. I recently graduated from university with a 2:1 in psychology with counselling and I'm currently floating through life figuring out what I want to do with myself. I basically wanted to start a blog because over the past few years I've been getting a lot more interested makeup and beauty and I thought it seemed like a really fun idea! I'll admit its become quite an expensive hobby but I'm sure others will agree its so worth it and I really enjoy building up a collection! 

Thanks for reading!xxx

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  1. Absolutely fell in love with your blog Lauren, I've been looking for some inspiration to start my own blog and i found exactly that! I'm hoping to put up my blog in the next few weeks when exams are over and when my life is just a bit calmer lol. So i was wondering if when i do put up my blog, i could have your opinion on it maybe. I just wanted someone with more experience to have a look and tell me what they think, and possibly things i could change
    P.S I'm studying psychology at college too.
    xo Moni


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