4 May 2015

Soap & Glory Collection

Hi everyone! So I don't know if anyone else has this problem (not sure if it is a problem at all really) but I always get so much bath stuff at Christmas from friends and family that months later I still have the biggest amount of unused stuff ever! It is good because it keeps me going but the clutter in my room is getting insane. I thought I'd do a post on a brand that I get gifted for Christmas every year because people know I love it and that is Soap & Glory. I got given the Hattie Stewart limited edition gift set off my Mum so I thought I'd talk about that in this post and share the little stash I have going.

It's so shameful that the picture isn't even all of it but I use the box to keep the bulky bigger products in so they aren't making too much clutter. I really need to start working my way through it but I have so many other things that I'm using too! I didn't want to cover all of it as it would just go on forever so I picked out my favourite things to share with you!

To start with my two absolute favourites from this set are both body washes, my number one being the Whipped Clean shower butter. This seriously smells amazing, it reminds me of cookies or baked goods it almost makes me not want to use it since I think it's limited edition and I don't want to run out! It leaves your skin feeling so soft but the smell is 100% the best part and if you can get your hands on it then get it! The other body wash I love is Orangeasm, it smells so fresh and citrusy and I love the pump on it, I always prefer this to a squeezy tube, not sure why I just like it! I always feel so fresh after using this and it really does smell like oranges.

Some other products I love are the Sugar Crush body scrub and the Heel Genius foot cream. The body scrub is another citrus product which I love the smell of and I have the issue of dry skin especially on my legs so it's really nice to apply before a moisturising lotion to get rid of the excess dry skin. The foot cream I just love because I have an obsession with keeping my feet nice. who really wants disgusting feet? Also I love foot massages because I'm on my feet a lot at work so I force my boyfriend to give me them (he doesn't appreciate it) and making him use this, so if you want a foot massage or nice soft feet this is for you haha! 

I thought I'd put these smaller products in here as well that I love, the Off Your Face wipes are so good when you've got dry skin like me because they're exfoliating, the only issue I have is the scent. I do normally prefer scented products I know some people don't but this doesn't really work for me, it's lavender scented and I just don't really like it, but it helps with my dry skin so it's good for me! Hand Food is a really cute travel sized hand cream you can stick in your bag and it smells amazing! It's so hydrating but not too greasy. I also thought I'd add in the Thick & Fast mascara and the Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss that came in this set. These aren't something I would normally buy however as they came in the set as a gift I thought I'd give them a go and I do like them. They are good if you are travelling somewhere or to pop in your bag however they aren't staples in my makeup kit. I know you can buy them individually though so if you are after something more affordable then I'd recommend them! Let me know in the comments your favourite Soap & Glory products xxx


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