31 May 2015

May Make Up Haul

Hi everyone! Sorry I've totally disappeared off the face of the Earth recently I've been so busy with exams and assignments but I finally made it to the end and I can not get excited for all the good plans I have this summer! I haven't gone too crazy this month with shopping as I honestly just haven't had the time at all but in between my last two exams I had a little spree to keep me going until I was done so I thought I'd do a little haul on what I got!

1. Benefit Fake Up hydrating crease-control concealer. I have been so excited to get this product, I was definitely influenced by the fact I was so tired all this month from all the work I've been doing that I had actual suitcases under my eyes. I use Nars Creamy Concealer most of the time but I've been having an issue with it creasing quite badly so I thought I'd give this a try and see how it goes!

2. Stila One Step Correct Primer. I am so fascinated by this product, I actually heard about it from Shaaanxo and I've got a bit of red pigmentation on my cheeks and on my jaw so I wanted to see if it could even out my skin tone. I was a bit wary at first as I always need my primers to be hydrating as I've got such dry skin but I did a little research and it also apparently nourishes the skin so I hope it's good! I might do a blog post on this after using it to see if it does do what it claims to.

3. Benefit Rockateur. I have wanted one of the powder boxes from Benefit for ages but I always thought they were really expensive but I eventually gave in when I wanted to treat myself so I got their most popular one to give it a try and I love it on first impressions! I know I'm late to the party but I got there in the end and I hope it's as good as people say.

4. Benefit World Famous Neutrals Easiest Nudes Ever. Benefit have three of these world famous neutral palettes and I'm absolutely obsessed with a neutral eye so I picked this one because I'm no good at eye shadow I find it such a chore so anything with the word easy in the name is good with me! I like these palettes because they come with the little tips and tricks books which are good when you aren't an expert like me! I'll post a picture lower down of the inside of the palette and what colours it has.

5. Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush. I already have one of these and I know this is so weird but I really wanted a new one for my holiday, brushes are just never the same even after you've cleaned them and in my opinion you cannot beat using a brand new fresh brush so I got this one as a little holiday treat for when I go at the end of this month. The quality of these brushes is amazing and they're so reasonably priced so I would definitely recommend this brush!

6. Benefit First Class Glosses travel set. I got this for free when I spent over a certain amount on the Benefit website I think it was £50. You use a code that they put on the offers section and you get 4 travel sized lip glosses for free when the set is worth over £24 so looking on their offers section before you buy anything is definitely worth it! Currently that offer is still on so if you're going to be spending that much money anyway then it's something for free. It includes Bella Bamba, Coralista, Dandelion and Sugar Bomb.

Literally obsessed with Rockateur it's so pretty and I wanted to show you the Stila One Step Correct primer because it looks crazy! The green is supposed to minimise redness, the lavender counteracts sallow undertones and the peach brightens and illuminates the skin.

The World Famous Neutrals Easiest Nudes ever palettes has two cream eyeshadows, the top shade is 'r.s.v.p' (my favourite one) and the other is 'no pressure!' The top two eyeshadows are 'call my buff' and 'thanks a latte' and the bottom two are 'pinky swear' and 'quick, look busy'. 

Thanks for reading and if you want any more info on any of these products then just comment below!xxx

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