5 May 2015

Benefit Do The Hoola Beyond Bronze Kit First Impressions

Hi everyone! I've literally been so excited for this product to get delivered and I just got it about 15 minutes ago so I needed to do a post to tell you all about it! So last week I saw a post on Instagram about this bronzing kit that Benefit had come up with, kind of like how they do the kits like Go Tropicoral centered around a specific look. I had a look on the Benefit website and couldn't find it anywhere so I went back to the Instagram post and read it properly and saw it was exclusive to the QVC website. It also said about the brand new product in it called Dew The Hoola which is a liquid bronzer not available anywhere apart from QVC (I've heard it's getting released through Benefit in 2016). I am such a sucker for anything exclusive so I had to get the kit even just to try the new product, I've also never actually tried Hoola before either and you get a mini powder in this so I thought it would be good to try a smaller one before I commit and it is expensive. QVC currently have it on an introductory price of £23.16 and then £3.95 postage and it is normally priced at £25.50 and you can get that here: http://www.qvcuk.com/Benefit-5-Piece-Do-the-Hoola-Kit.product.208648.html

This is the contents of the kit (there's also a little brush but I forgot to put that in this picture however you can see it further down!) You get a Hoola lip gloss which is described as a shimmering golden nude lip gloss, a mini They're Real, a mini Hoola bronzing powder in a cute little travel compact and a mini Benebalm. It's such good value for money considering you get the brush as well and if you are wanting to try the products or just bronzing it self then I think it is such a good kit to get. 

That's the packaging that the box comes in and what it looks like inside, it's got a tips and tricks section which you fold out and it tells you how to use all the products and you can see the brush here. 

The best part about this kit is definitely the Dew The Hoola, the liquid bronzer, it is described as a sheer soft-matte bronzer that gives a seamless natural looking glow. First of all it smells amazing, I really like scented products I know a lot of people don't but it isn't too full on so I don't think it would bother you too much. I swatched it on my hand and I definitely agree with the tips and tricks book that says it gives a believable bronze, it is so natural and sheer but you can still see it. Not orange as well just the perfect bronze. There is also no shimmer in this at all so you can use it to contour as well, it just gives a really healthy looking bronze that is really natural, I'm obsessed with it! In the tips and tricks book it shows you where to apply it all over your face as well which is helpful because I'm not familiar with how to apply a liquid bronzer. You can see it on my hand below and what it looks like blended.

It looks quite full on here but you can see in the picture below that it is really sheer and natural.

The lighting isn't great on this picture but you can see it in the middle of my hand, also the lighting here makes me look grey (I'm not haha) but I think it would work for pale people as it kind of adapts to your skin, it's gives a really nice subtle glow to me and I'm not pale but not tanned either, I do think for darker skins you won't see much effect though.

I absolutely love this kit and it's such good value for money introductory price or not even at £25.50 I think that's really good but as I speak it is still available from the QVC website at the introductory price so 100% get it while you can it's so worth it! Also the Dew The Hoola isn't available till 2016 so get it while it's out now, I don't know if they are close to selling out or not on the QVC site. Let me know if you get this kit and what you think of it!xxx


  1. I've got the How to Look The Best At Everything and Feelin' Dandy kits from Benefit and I love them! Was going to give this one a try but I'm not keen on bronzers due to my complexion as it suits pink colours more! Been so great to be able to sample out some of the products for a moderately decent price!
    And a little extra note: You've got the same beauty table as me I can see :p!

    1. I was really unsure of bronzers before this I didn't want to come off as orange, that is why the kits are so good! I agree I'd rather spend money on a bunch of samples before diving in and getting the full size with the possibility of disappointment. Did you get yours from Dunelm Mill haha? I got mine for Christmas and I love it!


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