5 June 2015

MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Dupe // Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer

Hi everyone! I've been wanting to do this post for a while and I eventually got round to it, basically I've had the MAC Natural Radiance primer in the shade Radiant Pink for ages now and at first I wasn't loving it, considering it is expensive at  £29.50 so I was pretty disappointed. However as you do you go back to it a few weeks later and start to like it which I did! It is described on the website as a 'silky gel emulsion' that claims to give a 'beautiful glow'. I'm obsessed with a radiant glowy look and I think with a good foundation it does work really well. It has a bit of a mild glittery sheen to it (very mild!!) so if you don't like even a tiny amount of glitter then you won't like this but I don't mind it and I really like the feel of this primer on the skin and it does give you a nice glow. It's also great because you get 50ml in the bottle which is a lot and a little does go a long way so it lasts absolutely ages so if you are willing to pay the price it is a good investment. However I was in Superdrug recently and I saw the Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum primer which claimed to have a very similar effect and for £10.99 you can't really go wrong although it is in a smaller bottle and it has only 15ml which is a much smaller amount.

As you can see from the picture I have been using my Bourjois primer all the time and I'm nearly out so I may have to repurchase. Anyway I actually love the Bourjois primer as it's affordable and gives a really similar effect to the MAC primer, a nice healthy radiant glow and this one has no glitter in at all so a lot of people may prefer this down to that alone. 

In the swatches above the MAC primer is on the left and the Bourjois primer is on the right, you can see they are different in colour, whilst the Bourjois primer comes in one colour alone there is two shades for the MAC primer, radiant pink and radiant yellow, I have the shade radiant pink and I think this is the only shade that the Bourjois primer would work as a dupe for. The MAC product is lighter in colour whereas the Bourjois product is more peachy, however both are sheer so to me once blended into the skin there is no colour difference between the two. 

Again in the picture above MAC is on the left and Bourjois is on the right, you can see that when you begin to blend it there is a noticeable difference in consistency. I find the MAC primer a bit thicker and it rubs out quicker to be more invisible as you go on whereas the Bourjois primer is more watery. Once fully blended again they create a very similar radiant glow, I do find the MAC one is a bit better and I prefer the consistency but both do a very similar job. the Bourjois primer is a great dupe and it is much more affordable. I also find I'm reluctant to use my more expensive products on what I think are 'wasted days' for your make up, so if I am going to work or university and I still want to wear makeup but don't want to waste my more expensive makeup then products like this are great! 

I do think however it is really important to consider that although it is £29,50 for the MAC primer you do get 50ml whereas the Bourjois primer is £10.99 which is obviously a lot cheaper however you only get 15ml and you can see from the picture that I have nearly used all mine and haven't had it for too long whereas I've had the MAC primer for almost a year now and I've still got loads left! So it's definitely a factor that whilst the MAC primer seems more expensive off the bat it's definitely an investment as you will hardly ever have to repurchase. However if at the time you want something affordable then the Bourjois primer is great and I would definitely recommend. Hope you enjoyed reading this post, let me know in the comments any good dupes you've found I'm always looking for more!xxx


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  1. Thank you for this. I think I will get the Mac one. I want to use it on a bride in a couple of weeks


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