12 June 2015

Holiday Haul inc Triangl, Bare Minerals + Drug Store etc

Hi everyone! I'm going on holiday in 10 days as I write this (!!!) and I think one of the best things about going on holiday is being able to buy all those little things that you wouldn't normally let yourself buy, I've been using the "it's for holiday" excuse for about a month and a half now! So I went to the Metro Centre on Wednesday, for those of you who don't know it's a huge shopping centre near Newcastle and it takes my money off me everytime I go because I have 0 will power. Anyway I bought a whole load of stuff for my holiday that I'd like to share with you! Just keep scrolling for more pictures and info on the products pictured below and I'll put my new bikini at the bottom that I also just got delivered.

I have actually bought a whole load more than this clothes wise however I will be doing a 'what's in my suitcase' blog post before I leave where you will get to see all the new outfits I bought and am obsessed with!

I'll start with the Body Shop products, I'd heard so much about their vitamin E range from so many people so I thought I'd give it a try, especially the products in this range designed for dry skin.

1. Vitamin E Face Mist. It claims to give an instantly refreshing moisture boost and has rosewater in it to refresh. I love anything like this because it's quick and easy and ideal when you're out and about.

2. Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream. This is said to be for those with very dry skin, and it claims to continuously nourish, protect and lock in moisture. I've actually tried this one once already and so far so good! My nose is the biggest problem area for my dry skin and I put some on yesterday and it still feels quite soft now.

3. Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes. Claims it is a one-step cleansing and toning to remove make up, impurities and dead skin cells. This is for all skin types however I just wanted a fresh pack of wipes to take with me on holiday and this range in the Body Shop was actually on 3 for 2 so I picked this out as the free product.

1. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. I actually first saw this from one of Zoella's haul videos and I did some research on it and it sounded ideal for when you are on holiday, you've got a tan and you're skin looks nicer and it's also too hot to wear a higher coverage foundation. It is described as a tinted hydrating gel cream so more of a foundation than a tinted moisturiser but still very sheer. It's also apparently meant to be good for your skin as it is hydrating and has ingredients in it that energize skin. The woman who worked at the counter matched me in a darker shade than I am as I do tan a lot while I'm away, I will be posting a first impressions of this when I'm back so look out for that!

So I went a bit crazy with the lip products in Superdrug! Basically I am obsessed with liquid lipsticks and while I'm away with a tan I want to try more bold colours that I wouldn't normally wear now (constantly stick to pinks and nudes) and I'd been eyeing the Stila liquid lipsticks however they are priced at £15 each and I figured if I do get bright colours and don't like them then it is a waste of money. So I bought a few from Superdrug (aside from the MAC lipstick obviously) to see if I like them and they are all £3 each so if I don't like them then it doesn't matter.

From left to right

1. Makeup Revolution London Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Keep Trying for You
2. Collection Cream Puff in Fairy Cake
3. Collection Cream Puff in Cotton Candy
4. Makeup Academy Whipped Velvet in Chichi
5. Makeup Academy Whipped Velvet in Ritzy

I also bought a lipstick from MAC as they had their MAC Is Beauty collection in the counter in the metro and I'd been eyeing this up for a while.

1. MAC Call The Hairdresser in Lustre finish

1. Gilette Venus & Olay razor. It's a bit weird to post your razor in a haul but I wanted to include it because Gilette's Venus range has been combined with Olay, this one has Olay moisture bars and a sugarberry scent, I also wanted to include it as they are half price in Superdrug and if anyone is like me and likes a fresh razor for holidays but they are obviously expensive then go to Superdrug and you will find loads of their products such as this on offer.

2. Topshop Sunglasses. I love these because I finally found sunglasses in this style that fit my face! They come with a free case, the ones in the shop I was at had holographic cases like the one I got in different colours and I got the pink one.

This is the one I'm most excited about by far! If any of you have read my previous post on Triangl bikinis then you know I'm obsessed with them, and about a week ago I was telling my boyfriend's mum about them as his sister wants one and I was like why don't I have a look on the website. Big mistake as they have their summer 2015 range out and they are amazing! They have a lot of new crochet style ones like the one I bought above. So being the sucker I am I had to order it as it was just too pretty! I couldn't get a very good picture of it so I put mine in anyway and I will put in the one of this bikini from the Triangl website:

I am in love with it, and it got delivered so quick! I ordered it either Saturday or Sunday and it came yesterday which was the Thursday. I love the crochet style and would recommend it to anyone they are perfect for the summer.

This has turned out to be the longest post ever, thank you if you sifted through the whole thing! Like I mentioned I will be posting a 'what's in my suitcase' post very soon so look out for that!xxx

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