13 April 2015

Benefit High Beam VS Nars Illuminator Copacabana

Hi everyone! Thought I'd do a post on two highlighters that I have which I actually feel are very similar to each other, Benefit High Beam and Nars Illuminator in the shade Copacabana and my personal preference out of the two.

 High Beam retails at £19.50 compared to Nars at £23 so slightly cheaper however both are still more high end luxury products therefore I felt like a post comparing the two would be helpful for people who are stuck on the highlighter for them rather than wasting your money. The swatch picture below shows how similar these two products are, Nars Illuminator is on the left and High Beam is on the right. 

Starting with High Beam I've had this product for a while now and I do use it quite regularly when I want a more natural dewy glow compared to when I want a more intense look. It goes on nice and is easy to blend, it is quite sheer when you blend it so it does come across as really subtle. I feel like you have to be careful however it can come out a bit messy if you aren't careful and look like splodges on your face if not applied correctly. The picture below is High Beam along my temple down just under my eye. As you can see it leaves a pinky glow definitely not too intense and it looks really pretty in natural light,

I think the main difference between the two products is that Nars Illuminator comes out much more metallic, it has a lot more of a shimmer in the product so a little definitely goes a long way as you can come out looking a bit too sparkly if you aren't careful. In my opinion it does stand out a bit more than High Beam, I think it's better if you want a less natural look, I tested this product on the other side of my face which you can see in the picture below. You can see it definitely shows up more than High Beam, and it gives a more reflective glow which is nice.

In my opinion however I think out of the two I am more inclined to use High Beam, they are so similar to me but I love the natural glow that High Beam gives however if I was doing something more exciting like a nigh out then I would be more likely to use Copacabana. The main issue I have with this product however is that it is very metallic and you need to be really careful when you apply. Since I am such a fan of the natural look I definitely do use High Beam more, at £19,50 it is quite a lot for a highlighter but worth it because you can get so much use out of it and it works with a lot of looks. Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments what your thoughts are and whether you have any of the other Nars Illuminator shades!xxx

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