22 September 2015

How To Make Your Own Marble Board

Hi everyone! As there is so many amazing bloggers out there I think everyone wants their blog to be the best possible quality it can be, this definitely includes pictures. I think pictures are the first thing I look at when looking at a blog as it is what your eye is drawn to and sometimes it is hard to take pretty pictures for your blog when you don't have the right backdrops. If you're like me and your whole house isn't white or marble then this can definitely be a struggle! However I someone talking about how they had made their own marble board for their photo backgrounds and I thought it was the most amazing idea and had to make my own! Below is how my turned out and I will go through exactly how I made it (my boyfriend mostly did the making while I took photos, just clearing this up so people don't think I have very manly hands and arms!)

I used the following items pictured below.

- A canvas in any size of your choice. I bought mine from a stationary shop and it was only £3.99 so you don't have to pay a lot for them, I wanted a square shaped one for mine.

- Marble style sticky roll. I bought mine on Ebay, you can get it here. If you don't want this particular pattern then there is other colours you can choose from.

- Scissors

- Glue. I didn't end up needing this however if your marble roll is being difficult and doesn't want to stick to the sides of the canvas then glue is recommended.

The first thing you need to do is roll out your marble roll over the canvas, rolling out a bigger size than the canvas itself as you need to make sure there is enough for the sides to stick down. 

After you have done this cut it away from the roll (kind of like when you are wrapping a present).

Once this is done you can start to peel the back off your marble roll and get ready to stick it on the canvas.

You need to carefully stick this onto your canvas and it is so important that you keep smoothing it out with your hands to avoid air bubbles as you want it to appear as smooth as possible. 

All you need to do after this is stick the excess roll onto the side of the canvas so that you no canvas is visible when looking at the board from the front.

So it's as easy as that and now you can have a pretty background for your blog photos, I can't wait to start using mine now as I have hardly any nice setups in my house that could take nice photos. Let me know in the comments if you've got any tricks to taking nice blog photos!

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