11 March 2015

Makeup Collection: My Favourite Items

For my first makeup post I thought I'd introduce you guys to my favourite makeup items in my collection! I'm constantly changing my mind over what brands are my favourite however there's always the same go to products that are staple items to my makeup bag. I've picked out my favourite foundation, concealer, mascara, primer, eyeshadow palette and contour products.


Firstly I'll start with foundations, it took me a long time to find a foundation that really worked for me and I went through a LOT of them before I found one that I really liked. I actually really struggle to find a foundation that I feel looks good on my skin as I struggle with having really dry dull skin so I need to make sure that I'm happy with it. The one I had before this one was Estee Lauder Double Wear, which I do still occasionally use for when I'm going out on a night as I wanted it to stay on, however if I'm having a particularly bad skin day I feel like it highlights every dry patch on my face (maybe that's just me but it's a real issue I have with it!). Eventually I came across Nars Sheer Glow which I was a bit unsure on at first as to whether I should buy it as it's quite expensive and I don't have a counter close to me so I'd have to buy online. I settled on it eventually and I love it now! I love the dewy finish and I really don't like full coverage so this works so well for me, it is a lot of money but worth the price especially if you have dry skin like me. I wear the shade medium 1 Punjab. 


Concealer wise I've only just recently changed to one that I love, I'd being using Boi-ing by Benefit for a long time in the shade 02 however as I said before my skin seemed to get drier and it highlighted a lot of creases in my skin, more recently I'd discovered Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer after seeing it all over YouTube. It works to well for me, I use it to cover my under eye circles and any blemishes, I use this in the shade Vanilla.


My current favourite mascara is Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, I only recently got this for my birthday in February and at first I found it quite hard to get to grips with as I'd previously been using They're Real which comes with a plastic wand and is obviously really different, however when I got the hang of it I absolutely love it now! For someone with straight but long eyelashes I do still think an eyelash curler is necessary but it can create a really dramatic look when used well.


My absolute favourite primer which I love so much is Illamasqua Hydra Veil, I would recommend this to anyone! I got in when I was in London as they have a store there after hearing lots of good things about it online, it's a bit strange when you first see it a bit like jelly! However once you get used to it it's such a good product especially when you've got dry skin, you have to let it dry a bit after application but I think it makes any foundation looks better and helps keep your make up on well.

(Thought I'd show you a picture of the inside, it reshapes itself after you've used it as well so it never seems like its running out!)


This was a toss up for me as I have two highlighters both from the same brand that I love for different things, both from Benefit I love Watts Up for a night time going out look, whereas I love High Beam for a day time glowy look. Both are amazing it just depends what you want from your highlighter and what look you use more frequently.


This is a really obvious choice but my current favourite palette is Urban Decay's Naked3 palette, I got it for Christmas and it was the first of the Naked palettes that I got (I also have Naked2 now), I found it hard to choose one at first but I'm so glad I picked it! I'm really into pink glowy looks and this was perfect for me, the only issue I have with it is that I find you can only make the same looks over and over even though they are so nice. I've actually just ordered the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette however and I may do a first impressions on it when it arrives.


Again a bit of an obvious choice but for good reason, I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette, again I got this for Christmas from a website called Beauty Bay, it's expensive at £39 however I love it and I think it's good when you're just introducing yourself to contouring as it has everything you need in one palette, my favourite contour shade in there is Fawn, the great thing about this palette as well is that they are refillable on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website so if you hit pan on your favourite shade you have the option to just buy that particular shade again if you're willing to ship it over from America.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope it gave you an insight into the makeup I'm interested in, if anyone would like to see/hear more about these products don't be afraid to leave a comment!



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