18 March 2015

MAC Cinderella

Hi everyone! Since everyone has been going crazy about it I thought I'd do a post on the MAC Cinderella collection and what I think of the items that I was able to get hold of (with great difficulty!)

So I'm sure a lot of people had the same problem as me, I'd signed up to the email to notify me when the collection went live on the MAC UK website but I missed it and saw it was live about 2 hours after it went up and basically everyone was sold out :( I actually thought since it sold out so quick they would restock at least once more on the site but MAC's twitter account said otherwise, only that it would be stocked in select UK stores on the 13th of March. I was actually at uni at 9 that day so wouldn't be able to go myself but thankfully I have a really lovely boyfriend who offered to go up to Newcastle for me on the train and wait around before 9 to get it before it sold out. I wanted the lipstick in the shade Royal Ball, the beauty powder in Coupe d'Chic and the lipglass in Glass Slipper. He said there was already a crowd when he got there and as soon as the shutters opened people were bent down trying to get under them (crazy!!), he said he was about 10th in the queue and that people before him were buying ridiculous amounts like 5 of each product so it all sold out so fast, he was able to get me the powder and the lipstick but the lipglass had unfortunately sold out.

On to the products I absolutely love them! The packaging is so pretty, really nice blue and gold with Cinderella written on them, I've attached a photo below for you:

In terms of the quality of the product they are lovely especially the lipstick however they are different than how you would imagine, the lipstick applies really light and the powder needs a lot of brush work as it isn't very pigmented although it gives the nicest glow. I actually use Benefit's Posie Tint under it to give it a bit more colour and a little of the powder really does go a long way, too much and you'll look like a disco ball. It would also work really well as a highlighter. You can see the actual products and swatches below.

You can see in the swatch picture just how light it is, bare in mind I have put very little on my hand, the lipstick is on the left and the powder is on the right.

Even though they are different to how I imagined I still absolutely love them, however I've been really disappointed in how MAC has handled the limited edition collection. As I said before when my boyfriend went to buy it people before him were buying insane amounts of stuff and I don't think its fair for everyone else who turned up early but were later in the queue and weren't able to get anything because it had all sold out. I think MAC should limit the amount of items per person e.g. two of the same products so they could get everything at least twice, anymore I think is just unfair to others. The main issue however that has really annoyed me is that on sites like Depop and Ebay people are selling the products for double the RRP price because it has sold out, it's not fair that some people were able to get their hands on it only to sell it to others for double the price who weren't lucky enough to get it. Why should anyone pay more than anyone else just because they were faster in getting it?! 

Anyway thank you for reading this post, hope you enjoyed!xxx

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