30 August 2016

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

Hi everyone! This post is definitely very behind as lots of lucky people managed to get their hands on this palette quite a while back, I'd seen Jaclyn Hill reveal this product and obviously American customers got the chance to get it first, however I missed the UK release for Space NK as it sold out very quickly. On top of that I was relying on Cult Beauty to release the palette as I'd seen on Twitter them mentioning they were getting the Champagne Collection range so I just assumed that included the palette but unfortunately it didn't! So everywhere was sold out and it had been a while and I assumed it wouldn't be getting released again, however thanks to the lovely Siobhan from Beautylymin who contacted me to let me know Space NK had actually released it again I was able to get my hands on it! I know it's not available now however I still wanted to do a post on this in case anyone was looking to buy Champagne Pop or try any of Becca's blushes as they are the same formula as the one in the palette.

In the palette you get two highlighters, Champagne Pop which is a permanent Becca highlighter created by Jaclyn Hill a while back, and Prosecco Pop which is exclusive to the Champagne Glow collection, it was originally only featured in this palette however some split pans were released which had Prosecco Pop and a Becca blush. You also get three blushes which were also created for this palette, you get Rose Spritz which is a luminous blush and then you get two mineral blushes which are Amaretto and Pamplemousse.

I'm so obsessed with the packaging of this palette, it feels really luxurious (it should for the price) plus I'd seen lots of people raving about the mirror which I just couldn't understand because to me a mirror is a mirror however when I got it I completely understood what everyone was talking about. It's such a high quality clear mirror which I've never really had in another palette before, plus it's massive so it makes it such a good palette for travelling with. I also feel like you get a really good amount of product, I've had an issue with Becca palettes before where I've finally got it in person and the pans are SO tiny that I can barely fit my make up brush in them to pick up product and thankfully that's not the case here. 

Rose Spritz, Amaretto, Pamplemousse

Champagne Pop, Prosecco Pop

These products actually swatch so nice, I kind of expect that from Becca I feel like they always have really high quality products. One thing I did notice though especially with the highlighters, the product whilst it's in the pan feels very powdery and you get a lot of fall out, it blends so nice when you apply it to your skin or when you swatch it, but when you are using a makeup brush to pick up products I can just feel how powdery it is, almost chalky in a way. It doesn't look or feel this way on the skin at all though which is so strange. I'm actually on a mission to find a new highlighting brush, I've used a fan brush for so long but for some reason I just started to hate it but I feel like there aren't a lot of readily available highlighter brushes in shops like Boots so if anyone has any good recommendations for me, ideally affordable as I hate spending money on brushes please let me know! Champagne Pop is definitely my favourite out of the two highlighters, Prosecco Pop is gorgeous as well but I'm very pale at the minute and I feel like this looks a bit better with a tan. Out of the blushes by far my favourite is Rose Spritz it's honestly so gorgeous! I love Amaretto as well but again I feel like this will look better when I'm tanned, I'm a bit iffy on Pamplemousse though, as I've had a problem with Becca blushes before where they are just too pigmented and too bright and leave you looking like a clown and I feel like this shade is just far too full on for me. 

It's definitely not an affordable palette at £48 but I'm so glad I bought it, it's so pretty and such good quality so I do think it's worth the money! To be honest I wish that Becca would just make it a permanent product because I'll be really sad when I eventually use this up but I'm sure that won't be for a long time yet. I would definitely repurchase Champagne Pop as a single product when I'm finished with it in the palette as I can guarantee that will run out first as I'm using it everyday at the minute! I'm just so glad I was able to get my hands on it in the end, I've seen people selling them on Depop for £90 which is absolutely ridiculous, it annoys me so much when sellers do that! Let me know in the comments if you've tried this palette and what you think! 


  1. This palette is so so pretty!
    Thank you for this amazing review :) It was so helpful!
    I might put it on my birthday wishlist xx


  2. Wow, the palette lives up to the hype! I do want it though, especially for the highlighters! Nice to know they aren't chalky and blend nicely into the skin. I too have seen the prices on Depop - scandalous! & irritating!

    Fashionicide | An Oasis of Colour in a Sea of Nudes

    1. It's so annoying isn't it, don't know how people can do that!x

  3. Great post and wonderful eyeshadow options! I love the shimmery ones the most, reminds me of mermaids!

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  4. I love the look of this palette but I know I'd only use Champagne Pop and Rose Spritz so I have to hold back this time! They do swatch beautifully x


  5. Such a pretty palette! I don't use highlighters that often so I wasn't tempted by this but it gets great reviews! I saw Cult Beauty got the collection today with the splits and everything but I'm not sure if this palette was in it or exclusive to Space NK!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. Yeah I'd seen the splits come in as well, the palette wasn't in it unfortunately it must have been exclusive to Space NK!x

  6. Guuuuurrrrlll, I am seriously swooned!! I have been lusting after this one for sooo long!! Just popped over to check for updates from you & nearly fainted!! Haha, no jokes! This palette is uber gorgeous & I couldn't stress enough how much I love it + how happy I am that you loved it & that it met your expectations. As for the Pamplemousse shade, it is definitely an intense one, but I am sure it would work perfectly for some people (depending on their skin tone). The swatches are gorgeous though! Oh my goodness, I feel like my comment is one solid exclamation point lol.
    Thanks for this fab review, lovely <3
    xox Nadia

  7. I'm so glad that you got your hands on it because it's a real beauty! I love the packaging too! xx


  8. If I didn't already have the champagne pop highlighter then I have mad more of an effort to get my hands on this. I'm just the worst when it comes to really hyped up products especially if they sell out within minutes. Gorgeous palette though and the shades are amazing x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I think if you have Champagne Pop it's not a massive necessity, but it you don't own any of the shades it's definitely worth it!x

  9. This is soooo pretty! Ah I need this.

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

  10. this is such a beautiful palette! I really want to get my hands on it!


  11. I don't normally swoon over high end blush/highlighter palettes as I wouldn't end up using them very often, but I literally love every single shade in this palette. The blush shares are so luminous and pretty, and the highlighter shades are incredible, especially prosecco prop :)

    Velvet Blush

    1. It's so nice isn't it, can't wait to use it more!x

  12. I got this palette too and have well and truly got my money's worth - I always pack it when travelling! I love mixing Champagne and Prosecco Pop together and Amaretto and Rose Spritz are just *everything*! Glad you liked this too :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. It's amazing isn't it! Going to take it on holiday with me soon but I'm seriously considering bubble wrapping it when I fly because I'd cry if I broke it!xx


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